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About us


We always goto shopping and sometime we ended up try in jam-packed trial rooms! How many of you felt like me that Oh! I should not have bought this look after coming home and wearing it on normal sun light!

I ended up having so many looks in my wardrobe I barely wear them and I thought I could minimize the problem! I have spent almost 2 years visiting factories and fashion events to know more about clothing line and how much it cost. That really helped me to start this "Rent The Wardrobe" product line from Urban Factory where you can try as much as possible and keep it if you fall in love with them.

Urban Factory designers from Italy and Spain design fresh looks for every season and our manufacturers and raw material suppliers bring life into those designs!

We often visit our factories to keep healthy relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers which helps us deliver best quality designs to our members.


Welcome to the world of fashion! With great pleasure we are offering you our styles, and we are sure that only our choice of garments will suit you best. Our lines are universal because it suits different people with different demands. Our styles were made up by best designers and experts with the help of most advanced technologies, and it gives us the right to consider these styles to be premium ones.

We assure you, it is really important, it shows that our goods have such capacity as flexibility. And it is good for you because, as we all know, people change their claims with the course of time, and our styles will be up-to-date for a long time. The main reason for buying our clothes is the unique combination of fair price, extraordinary style and perfect quality. Here you can find garments of all sizes, colors, styles and fabrics.

It will suit you best of all. Because we all live in the time of total consuming of uncountable goods and services, and this has become the main reason for the rapid growth of the so-called culture of consumption in our society. So, these circumstances forced all leading successful companies to explore the needs and wishes of different groups of potential clients very deeply. With great pleasure we are offering you our styles, and we are sure that only our choice of garments will suit you best. Fast and enthusiastic, our company is the leader in creating modern trends and must-have styles. Our lines are uniquely curated to extend and elevate your shopping experience. Inventive, interactive and inch-perfect to take you all the way. If you have a great sense of style and want to keep up with the latest fashion, you can check our new collections in simple and traditional style. On-trend clothes available in a variety of colors and prints will exceed any expectations.