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How Rent The Wardrobe Works

Is there a contract?
There is NO contract or cancellation fees. You may un-subscribe or cancel membership at any point of time.
How may I try Rent The Wardrobe?
You can try your first month box for $9.99 using this coupon code UFNY20. Try now
Can I PAUSE my subscription?
Yes, you can pause anytime you want! Just  Email Us
How may I cancel my subscription?
Just Email Us and we will take care of you in a day!
Why I can't cancel my subscription through accounts page?
We are still in Beta and we are working on providing our members ability to cancel or pause their membership from the accounts page.
What comes in Urban Factory box?
Every box consist of 2-3  complete looks curated just for you!
A pre-paid return shipping label. Just pop your looks directly into this box and paste the return label and send them back our way to receive your next box!
What is a look means?
A look is a complete mix match of your garments and accessories that add the finishing touch for you ladies to flaunt.
When will my first Urban Factory - Rent The Wadrobe box ship?
We will ship your first box within 3 - 4 BUSINESS days from your call with stylist. After your Box leaves, it will ship within 3-5 days.
We'll keep you up-to-date by sending you an email confirming that your Box has shipped. That email will contain a tracking number that you can enter into to keep an eye on your box progress.
The box has to be returned back to UF to shipped on 21st day since the date you have received.
What is “Wishlist”? how can I use “Wishlist”?
Your ‘Wishlist’ is your style wish list! It's a hand picked selection of looks you love that we consider when styling each of your boxes.
We recommend having at least 20 seasonal pieces of clothing in your wishlist at all times. The more pieces in your wishlist, the more likely you are to receive those items, so don't be shy— add like crazy!
ProTip: Updating your wishlist is especially important when the seasons change. That flirty dress you wore to your friend's wedding isn't going to keep you warm in those winter months!
Adding Items to Your Wishlist:
To add an item to your wishlist, click on "New Arrival", "Clothing". Then, simply hover your mouse over the heart underneath the item. The option "Add to wishlist” will appear, click on that and voila, the item is in your wishlist! 
What does "adding" something to your wishlist mean?
Having an item in your wishlist means two things. First, it means that if the item is available in your size when your box ships out, it will be added to your box. We want to make sure you're getting the looks you love! If that piece is unavailable we will try for the next piece in your wishlist and so on.

Second, it is way for us to become acquainted with your unique (and might I add adorable) look. It is important to note that your wishlist is not a list of items to be received, but more a fun way for you to get across what looks you are interested in.
What is your style profile?
Once you become an UF member, You will be assigned a personal stylist. The stylist will schedule appointment to have a quick 15 to 30 mins call to know style preferences. The conversation with stylist will lets us know your measurements, whose style you emulate, what you will be using the service for, and what types of patterns, cuts, and colors you prefer. If you don't wish to have a personal stylist, you may wish to the fill style profile online. One our stylist will email you the editable form.

Our Personal Stylist is chock-full of exciting features that will help us build your perfect look. You can opt out of certain patterns and colors, and let us know what your work environment is (i.e., do you work from home, or in a professional office setting?). Be sure to take full advantage of these features, as they are the best way for you to communicate what you are looking for.
What is price for different subscription boxes available?
2 Looks $29.99 per month
3 Looks $34.99 per month
How may I purchase or keep the items that I wish?
You can purchase entire box as per below table.
 2 Looks additional $25
3 Looks additional $30
How may I pay if I want to purchase the box?
Email us at and we will send you invoice to pay online.
Do I have to pay for shipping?
No, shipping is free both ways.
How will I get charged every month?
Your card will be auto debited every month for the looks you subscribed.
Does look include shoes and a bag?
Unfortunately at this moment we don't offer a handbag and shoes. But we send necessary accessories that match to the looks.
What happens if I accidentally stain, damage, or misplace something?
We've Got You Covered
We know you make every effort to keep the clothing and accessories we send your way pristine. As some of the garments are gently shared by the ladies of the UF community, we want to make sure every garment arrives in perfect condition!
However, accidents do happen, but we believe they aren't a reason to skip a brunch or a salty pretzel at the baseball game!
To have insurance added to your account
1.  Email Us
2. Title the subject: Add Insurance
3. We'll opt you into a worry free experience for an additional $5/month
Did you receive a damaged piece?
This is certainly not the norm, and please  Email Us immediately if your box didn't arrive to you in perfect condition!
Did you misplace something from your box? 
In the case of items being destroyed, lost or stolen, your account will be charged for the member price of the items.
Do I have to wash the items before I send them back?
Don't worry— we'll do the dirty work for you! We handle the cleaning of all garments and accessories, so just pop them into the return Box and we'll take care of the rest.
We adhere to strict quality assurance standards here at UF.
This means:
- All accessories are thoroughly sterilized and placed into fresh packaging before they go out to you.
- All clothing items are thoroughly washed, steamed, and checked over twice by our Quality Assurance team before being packed and shipped.
- We use hypoallergenic, unscented detergent on all garments.
Can I send only some of the items back?
Boxes are sent back all together. Wear what you love from your Box then pack all the items into the return Box.
When packing your Box into a return, do not include the items you are purchasing. If your box returns without a dress, your account will automatically be charged for the purchase of the dress.
ProTip: You will never receive the same item twice, however you can send us your request to resend by either emailing us or updating the stylist when you receive the call.
What are your boxes made of?
Here at UF, it's important that our customers are kept in the loop about our procedures and materials.
Our boxes are made of 30% recycled material, and are packed individually with the utmost attention and care.
We encourage our members to repurpose their boxes to get the most use out of them.
If you're having trouble fitting your items into the box, you can re-print your return label and send it back in a larger bag or box. If this happens to you, please contact us.
What is the payment cycle?
Here at UF, we have two payment cycles.
‘First Monday of the month’ or ‘Third Monday of the month’. This selection has to be done while subscribing the box.
If you have any other questions on Rent The Wardrobe membership Email Us